60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque (2nd edition)
3. Petroglyph National Monument: Piedras Marcadas
Petroglyphs often tell unbelievable stories.
NOV 11, 2008 hiker report:

"This is not the best monument around the area
and I was sadly disappointed. There has been a
lot of damage done and not really worth the trip."
JUN 03, 2008 excerpt from the iQ interview:

iQ: In the section about the Petroglyph National
Monument, you say, “Suburban sprawl is the chief
deterrent” to exploring the lesser-known area of
the monument, Piedras Marcadas Canyon. Then
you go on to say it’s a study in contrasts between
ancient and modern worlds. But is there still part of
you that wishes housing developments weren’t
butting right up against it?

SA: Of course, but it’s already happened. Tourist
literature that pretends otherwise doesn’t quite
prepare you for the experience. So when you’re
out there looking at centuries-old rock art and you
hear Toby Keith karaoke blaring from a backyard
barbecue, it can be disappointing. On the other
hand, if you use these immediate juxtapositions to
gauge cultural influences on a specific landscape,
well, then it can be depressing, but on a profound
level. There’s a morbid allure to that. My in-laws
visited recently, and having just read the entire
book, the first thing they wanted to see was
Piedras Marcadas. They were not disappointed.
PMC brochure map  [406k .pdf]
Jackrabbits listen to these stories with a measure of skepticism.
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