60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque (2nd edition)
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12. Sedillo Ridge and Sabino Canyon
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MAY 12, 2014 hiker report:

- The distance from NM337 to the parking area is 2.5 miles.

- The "log barricade"  mentioned on p. 75 is gone.

- A rectangular rock resembling a tombstone now marks the left turn near the top.
APRIL 19, 2015 hiker report:

There has been a lot of clearing with the material woodchipped and left as ground
cover, apparently recently, in the area about half-way into the hike just before the
steepest part of the climb.

We missed the continuation of the trail to the north because the area is so chopped up
by the vehicles they were using and it's completely covered with woodchips.

We got onto a trail heading east (and also intermittent due to the clearing), turned
around and then found the trail up the arroyo to the ridge, it was more obvious coming
from the east than from the south but still intermttent due to the covering.

The confusing point is in a partially open area where the trail turns a little
to go up the arroyo that leads most of the way up to the ridgeline.

Otherwise everything was fine.