60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque (2nd edition)
21. Cerro Columbo
MAR 12, 2012 hiker report:

"both gates on the access road off 344 were chained and
locked with a Private Property sign hanging from the gate...
The second gate up the hill at the back of the section with
houses looked to be closed as well."
MAR 13, 2012 BLM-Taos response:

"We have purposely reserved public access across the parcel
claimed by Mr. Black. Nothing has changed in that regard so I
will ask our Law Enforcement Ranger to look into this for us."
Slag heap or land art?
APR 10, 2012:

The gates are chained, but not locked. The Private Property
sign has been removed. However... the "half-tank" mentioned
in the hiking directions has been moved to the parking area.
This will complicate your hike if you turn left at it's current
location. Best to just follow the directions without regard to the
half-tank, and have a look at the tracks below.

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