60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque (2nd edition)
39. San Ysidro Trials Area
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Tips for avoiding snakebites:

- Making noise won’t really scare snakes away, since snakes
don't have external ears. However, they will feel the vibrations if
you stomp on the ground, and may retreat.

- Rattlesnakes often sun themselves in the middle of an open
trail, so keep your eyes on the ground. Also, they can climb
trees, so keep your head up. And never reach into dark,
confined areas, since they like those places, too.

- 72% of rattlesnake victims are young, male, intoxicated, and
well aware of the snake’s presence prior to the bite. So if you
don’t meet those criteria, you’re probably safe.

If you get bitten:

Don't try to catch or kill the snake. All suspected rattlesnake
envenomations get the same CroFab antivenom. Besides, the
ER will evaluate the envenomation based on the patient's
symptoms, not your dead snake head in a bag. Dead, severed
rattlesnake heads have bitten and injected venom up to an
hour after they were killed.