Bernheim logo used with permission
photo by Stephen Ausherman
at Bernheim
Work documentation from
Ausherman's arts residency at
Bernheim Forest
August 21 - November 30, 2012
Aug 31: Video mapping the Paul Fields "Bloom" sculpture for the Full Moon Hike.
A similar version premiered at
CONNECT on Aug 25
Sep 29: Video mapping the Paul Fields "Snail" sculpture  
for the Full Moon Hike
Nov 29: The interactive video display that I designed for the visitor center showcases
highlights from several past artists at Bernheim Forest. The module runs on a small form
factor PC mounted on the back of a 55-inch commercial-grade monitor. Visitors can
browse the video menu and other interactive features using a wireless touchpad.
My contribution to works featured on the display includes of a series of six
short videos
created during my 100-day residency at Bernheim Forest.
For previews, see:

Hollow Snake (on vimeo)

Silent Movie (on youtube)
The touchpad (foreground), and monitor showing 'Ode to Hollister':
from Forest Echo, Winter 2013:

Artist and author Stephen Ausherman hit the ground running at Bernheim in
late August, arriving just in time to participate in CONNECT with both video
mixing and his first experiments with video mapping, a process of aligning
projected imagery with physical objects.  Stephen used this technique to
project video onto
Untitled, a limestone sculpture completed in 1980 by
Bernheim’s inaugural Artist in Residence, Paul Fields. Using images that he
recorded throughout Bernheim Forest as his source material, Stephen
created video that conformed to the unique shape of Fields’ sculpture,
transforming its gray stone surface into a dynamic display of color and motion.

Beautiful patterns and designs moved, dissolved and reappeared on the
sculpture as darkness fell. Stephen not only treated the audience at
CONNECT to this art form but also created additional video mapping works to
enhance Bernheim@Night events this fall. Each of the seven pieces was
unique, intended to be viewed one night only to contrast the ephemeral
nature of his media against the permanence of Fields’ massive stone works.
Oct 29: Shot from my live video mix for Tim Kaiser at Groucho's Bar in Louisville:
II. Outdoor Presentations
I. Indoor Presentations