56" loop by Stephen Ausherman

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Foh Chaing and Ah Kaon
beheld the child born,
whereto they made oath,
and a record thereof,
touching the strangeness
of such a birth, and of the
prophecy of its coming
into the world; this record
was put in the Ha Ta'e King
of record belonging to the
Sun King. Their trail was
blood and death; war, their
glory. They fell upon My
chosen; like tigers have
they pursued them. I
called out in the ancient
days: Why persecute ye
My chosen and destroy
them? And they answered:
They will not war; they
serve not our king; they
serve the King of kings;
they practice peace; they
uphold not our God. But I
stretched forth My hand
from the second heaven;
I bowed down to My virgin daughter, the troubled earth, Ma-lah. My Creator is my King; Him will I serve. The
king saith: Go for them; slaughter them! They put Jehovih higher than me! And thou sayest: It is a good and
wholesome thing to serve the king, and kill his enemies. To serve my country by killing men, this is great glory!
July 1, 2011
Reclaim the Mind, Friction Research Issue #4