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Evolution Will Not Be Televised
Did you not come here to escape the tyranny of your plasma
TV and your videogame console and the DVD player in your
minivan? Is this not a refuge from your home computer and
your office desktop and the laptop that follows you
everywhere in between?

Do you really want to look at another screen when there’s this
this – all around you? I mean, seriously, look around.

What do you think Mr. Bernheim would have to say about
multimedia entertainment in his forest?

"My vision embraces an edifice… equipped with a stage
arranged for dramatic entertainments. Upon the stage will be
built a great organ to furnish music, and in addition there will
be radio receiving apparatus, motion picture and television
       —Isaac Wolfe Bernheim
CCBL, 1929)

Come to think of it, this device is pretty sleek. Impressive
design. Not since the miracle of stigmata have I felt something
so powerful in the palm of my hand.

Do you feel that? As though any moment now it might sprout
roots through your skin, weave tendrils through your vessels
and grow to achieve organic unity with your central nervous

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by Stephen Ausherman, 2005
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photo by Stephen Ausherman
at Bernheim