Finalist for the Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel
One wants to stay in Ausherman’s world, even as
it devolves, for the characters are as beautiful and
provocative in their flaws as the landscape is stunning
in its bare-bones architecture.

--Melanie Jones
"50 States of Literature: New Mexico"
Columbia Daily Spectator
Brilliant and full of dread... In very contemporary
terms, it turns
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
on its head. This is an author with talent and an
electrical rush of events.

--Doris Betts (
The Sharp Teeth of Love
and Souls Raised from the Dead)
This book is quick and hip and it actually bothers
to be entertaining, a rarity, it seems to me, in the
literary world these days. It's smart. It's character rich.
It's one of the funniest books I've read in a long time.
All that and it never abandons its heart.

--Michael Knight (
Dog Fight and Divining Rod)
It could easily be said that Typical Pigs is one of
the greatest books to ever be set in New Mexico.
Easily. Its setting, however, should not result in this
book being typecast as another piece of regional
fiction, because
Typical Pigs a great book, period.

--Mike Smith (
Towns of the Sandia Mountains)